Monday, 9 July 2012

Been a while so gonna take a while to get you up to speed.

First off... So what happened in the empty city. Some crazy shit is what happened.

Apparently our friend Dr. Malice says he explained the event on his blog so I'll just link that here instead of going over everything again.

Now I will however fill out what he missed.

See after his suicidal heroics actually managed to work. Holding off the Envoy for long enough for us to get out. The Dying Man lost an arm by touching The Envoy and bring the doctor into herself at the cost of her arm which was completely disintegrated. Harold and I brought his body out and he was placed back inside.

Then The Empty City committed suicide.

No, seriously.

It collapsed in on itself.

According to The Liar every part of it connected to this universe was destroyed.

She says it's reason for doing this was twofold. If The Amalgam destroy this universe they can no longer reach The Empty City from here and two by collapsing itself with The Envoy inside it has trapped it at least temporarily. This will slow The Amalgam's conquest greatly. This apparently gave us time to do something we didn't have the time to do otherwise.

and it was awesome.

We changed history. Literally!

Ok I've got to explain this. The Liar brought us to The Blind Man's Library. He was not happy to see us apparently. They both disappeared to talk so me, Harold, the kid apparently named Portnoy and Dr. Malice got to meet and greet a bit and that's how I found out about Dr. Malice's blog and did a little reading about Portnoy. Kid gets around I tell you. Anyways eventually The Liar and Blind Man returned and we were told that he had grudgingly given us permission. Permission for what she didn't say but then we were in a grove and we watched as birds flew backwards into the grove  and a crazy looking beast appeared and then the birds flew into some chained guy who unexploded and another Portnoy was watching... Fuck it everything was going backwards. We were seeing a moment in history reversed. We were told this was The Death of The Faceless Bastard. Aka The Second. The dead one who as a result meant the entire universe was screwed.

This is where she explained what we were doing.

I'll just quote her since I don't know any better way to explain it.

The Liar: "Reality is in the mind and history is in the memory. If you believe the sky is red then in your personal reality the sky is red. If everyone believes the sky is red then the sky is red. On some fundamental level the sky is still blue but as far as everyone is concerned the sky is red. However if the universe believes the sky is red then the sky is red on the very fundamental level."

Dr. Malice: "What does this have to do with what's happening"

The Liar: "I'm getting to that. We're in The Universal memory. If we change The Universe's memory we can actually change history."

Portnoy: "The universe has a memory?"

The Liar: "It has much more than that. I can't really explain this without involving a lot of stuff that would just confuse you but essentially what we refer to as a universe is more like an enormous living creature which we reside in symbiotically. We're not entirely sure what it gets out of the relationship though."

Me: "So The End is actually some form of Predator feeding on universes as prey?"

The Liar: "Essentially."

Me: "That's interesting..."

The Liar: "Anyways back to the plan-"

Dr. Malice: "We save Faceless? Therefore we have all the numbers then figure out how to stop these Amalgam?"

The Liar: "No. Faceless has to die. He has to fight Harold and the powers involved in that fight would keep us from helping him so there's no way to prevent that. Instead we're going to make sure that Faceless never becomes a number."

Portnoy: But, wait from what you've explained he became a number during our time together when we fought that thing in The Empty City.

The Liar: "Correct"

Portnoy: "Won't that create a paradox if we remove him from that? I'd have to fight that thing alone and I'd be killed and I'd never leave The City."

The Liar: "No all of that will still happen but we'll substitute in for the actions he would have done."

Portnoy: "Alright"

The Liar: "We are almost there"

Harold: "If this is akin to time travel as it seems why did we require extra time to carry out this plan?"

The Liar: "Because it's not like Time Travel. Due to the strange physical laws of The Universe the amount of time that we travel will actually have passed for us when we leave. For a short term journey like this it shouldn't be too much time. Just a few days or so a month at most."

Dr. Malice: "Feels like only a few minutes have passed"

The Liar: "That's because you're an idiot"

Dr. Malice: "... What the hell do you have against me?"

The Liar: "Well for starters-"

Portnoy: "-Guys this looks like it!"

The Liar stopped us at the moment apparently before the Emissary arrived and somehow convinced the City to let her force Faceless out of the city.

Then it arrived.

My god it was big and terrifying. The Herald was creepy but human looking, The Envoy was amorphous and weird but The Emissary is just massive and yeah terrifying. It was like a giant spider of sorts except that doesn't really do it justice. It was a giant eldritch spider with an eldritch human body and head attached to it and every part of it was intent to kill us. Oh and the damn thing bleeds out Quiet. We didn't defeat it. It just disappeared eventually and so we forced Portnoy... The past one out of the city and then left. Everything back in it's place with only a few minor differences to the time stream such as Portnoy now remembering being very confused when a bunch of people randomly appeared one of which was himself.

So now we need one more number and we can pretty much choose who we want. I had an idea and while normally I wouldn't of shown anyone this I figured since the world is ending and all.

He might be the best choice for the job.

Dying Man... Please don't kill me for this: No Gods No Masters