Monday, 9 July 2012

Been a while so gonna take a while to get you up to speed.

First off... So what happened in the empty city. Some crazy shit is what happened.

Apparently our friend Dr. Malice says he explained the event on his blog so I'll just link that here instead of going over everything again.

Now I will however fill out what he missed.

See after his suicidal heroics actually managed to work. Holding off the Envoy for long enough for us to get out. The Dying Man lost an arm by touching The Envoy and bring the doctor into herself at the cost of her arm which was completely disintegrated. Harold and I brought his body out and he was placed back inside.

Then The Empty City committed suicide.

No, seriously.

It collapsed in on itself.

According to The Liar every part of it connected to this universe was destroyed.

She says it's reason for doing this was twofold. If The Amalgam destroy this universe they can no longer reach The Empty City from here and two by collapsing itself with The Envoy inside it has trapped it at least temporarily. This will slow The Amalgam's conquest greatly. This apparently gave us time to do something we didn't have the time to do otherwise.

and it was awesome.

We changed history. Literally!

Ok I've got to explain this. The Liar brought us to The Blind Man's Library. He was not happy to see us apparently. They both disappeared to talk so me, Harold, the kid apparently named Portnoy and Dr. Malice got to meet and greet a bit and that's how I found out about Dr. Malice's blog and did a little reading about Portnoy. Kid gets around I tell you. Anyways eventually The Liar and Blind Man returned and we were told that he had grudgingly given us permission. Permission for what she didn't say but then we were in a grove and we watched as birds flew backwards into the grove  and a crazy looking beast appeared and then the birds flew into some chained guy who unexploded and another Portnoy was watching... Fuck it everything was going backwards. We were seeing a moment in history reversed. We were told this was The Death of The Faceless Bastard. Aka The Second. The dead one who as a result meant the entire universe was screwed.

This is where she explained what we were doing.

I'll just quote her since I don't know any better way to explain it.

The Liar: "Reality is in the mind and history is in the memory. If you believe the sky is red then in your personal reality the sky is red. If everyone believes the sky is red then the sky is red. On some fundamental level the sky is still blue but as far as everyone is concerned the sky is red. However if the universe believes the sky is red then the sky is red on the very fundamental level."

Dr. Malice: "What does this have to do with what's happening"

The Liar: "I'm getting to that. We're in The Universal memory. If we change The Universe's memory we can actually change history."

Portnoy: "The universe has a memory?"

The Liar: "It has much more than that. I can't really explain this without involving a lot of stuff that would just confuse you but essentially what we refer to as a universe is more like an enormous living creature which we reside in symbiotically. We're not entirely sure what it gets out of the relationship though."

Me: "So The End is actually some form of Predator feeding on universes as prey?"

The Liar: "Essentially."

Me: "That's interesting..."

The Liar: "Anyways back to the plan-"

Dr. Malice: "We save Faceless? Therefore we have all the numbers then figure out how to stop these Amalgam?"

The Liar: "No. Faceless has to die. He has to fight Harold and the powers involved in that fight would keep us from helping him so there's no way to prevent that. Instead we're going to make sure that Faceless never becomes a number."

Portnoy: But, wait from what you've explained he became a number during our time together when we fought that thing in The Empty City.

The Liar: "Correct"

Portnoy: "Won't that create a paradox if we remove him from that? I'd have to fight that thing alone and I'd be killed and I'd never leave The City."

The Liar: "No all of that will still happen but we'll substitute in for the actions he would have done."

Portnoy: "Alright"

The Liar: "We are almost there"

Harold: "If this is akin to time travel as it seems why did we require extra time to carry out this plan?"

The Liar: "Because it's not like Time Travel. Due to the strange physical laws of The Universe the amount of time that we travel will actually have passed for us when we leave. For a short term journey like this it shouldn't be too much time. Just a few days or so a month at most."

Dr. Malice: "Feels like only a few minutes have passed"

The Liar: "That's because you're an idiot"

Dr. Malice: "... What the hell do you have against me?"

The Liar: "Well for starters-"

Portnoy: "-Guys this looks like it!"

The Liar stopped us at the moment apparently before the Emissary arrived and somehow convinced the City to let her force Faceless out of the city.

Then it arrived.

My god it was big and terrifying. The Herald was creepy but human looking, The Envoy was amorphous and weird but The Emissary is just massive and yeah terrifying. It was like a giant spider of sorts except that doesn't really do it justice. It was a giant eldritch spider with an eldritch human body and head attached to it and every part of it was intent to kill us. Oh and the damn thing bleeds out Quiet. We didn't defeat it. It just disappeared eventually and so we forced Portnoy... The past one out of the city and then left. Everything back in it's place with only a few minor differences to the time stream such as Portnoy now remembering being very confused when a bunch of people randomly appeared one of which was himself.

So now we need one more number and we can pretty much choose who we want. I had an idea and while normally I wouldn't of shown anyone this I figured since the world is ending and all.

He might be the best choice for the job.

Dying Man... Please don't kill me for this: No Gods No Masters

Friday, 15 June 2012

The hell just happened

So we ran into another random person in The City this time while traversing what I'm pretty sure was a giant bookshelf. Which was kind of fun actually. Anyways we ran into this random guy. Harold was about to shoot him but TDM stopped him and went to the guy. They talked or something I don't know and then he freaked out and started running but she grabbed his arm and then he dropped. His body convulsed a couple of times arms and legs twitching and then he started laughing which quickly became crying then he stopped and got up. He introduced himself as Dr. Malice. New Dying Man piece? Was that what TDM meant about a new ally?

Wait does that mean there were two Dying Men in one body for a bit? Damn... I wonder how that works.

Well regardless we're heading on now. For some reason we're following TDM... The new TDM... Fuck I guess I have to call them by their damn "names" now.

(Don't worry it's almost over)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Party Member Get! Apparently...

We went to examine the body Harold shot and something weird happened. The Dying Man grabbed his knife and then just suddenly spaced out for about an hour or so just standing there. When she finally recovered she only answered our questions by saying we have a new ally then hurried us to continue so we're on the move again and TDM has started talking to herself.

I'm a little worried.

(Continuing this little tale)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Indeterminate and deadly.

So we've been traveling for a while and I've taught myself to write while moving. I am writing this as we're walking over grassy hills. They're beautiful except for one aspect. That being the body parts sticking out of the ground at random intervals.

Anyways that's not important. I've been listening to TDM and Harold conversing. Harold seems to keep accidentally calling TDM, May for some reason much to her annoyance. They've been talking almost nostalgically about someone they once knew. A nest who went by the name of The Faceless Bastard. I heard about him a few times but never really payed much attention. I know he was involved in that operation wherein I murdered The President and from what they're saying it sounds like he died during it. That's too bad. One less murderous servile monster on the planet.

Hey... apparently he was the First. I wonder who the Second is...

Oh also I still know little to nothing about Harold but I do know he's a good shot. Some random guy in a mask with a knife came running over a hill about 4 hills away and Harold just pulled a rifle out of his ass* and nailed the guy in the forehead with little to no concern.

*Not literally out of his ass of course but one second it wasn't there and the next it was.

(Back to the doc)

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Dying Man just can't catch a break.

So, I was told that preparations were complete and brought to a room. There was a door in the middle of the room and two "people" in the room. One was The Dying Man with a large scowl on her face. The other was a random human or servant who was just glaring at The Dying Man the entire time. We stood silently for a few seconds before The Dying Man sighed and began speaking. Apparently her and this man whom she said is named Harold have been chosen to go with me to make sure that we bring back our target alive. Apparently they chose her because... Actually she has no clue and neither do I. Harold was chosen to join us seemingly just to further piss off The Dying Man. I don't know maybe the other Fears just hate her for some reason. Regardless we headed into the city and immediately found ourselves in a frozen wasteland. Neither TDM or Harold seemed to mind but I immediately found it incredibly cold and so we continued on. We passed through a few other strange areas including what appeared to be an entire cityscape made of jello and are now standing in a normal city. Neither Harold or TDM seemed to require rest and both urge me to keep moving but it wouldn't be fair not to take some time to update all of you on the beginning of our journey. We'll be moving out again in a few seconds or TDM will probably smash my computer. I will probably not be posting as much unless something important happens.

(So hey this is me from the future coming back to assay a little confusion. Events here start to become a little trippy with events involving someone else so gonna have to help you get both sides of the story)
(How the doctor ended up in the city)
(Just keep reading and he'll send you back my way eventually)
(Oh and if you somehow managed to reach this point without checking out his blog gonna want to read the whole thing)
(The Whole Thing)
(Although the first few posts are kind of weird... Just saying)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

I'm fine how are you?

So I'm completely fine now. The Dying Man seems happy most likely since this means I can leave and she won't have to keep talking to me. They are currently preparing for my journey into the City.

Exposition Exposition!

So I'm almost fully recovered now and I've been talking to The Dying Man more. It seems to hate me now but was still willing to answer questions. So I asked about the Herald. Here's the conversation.

Me: So what's up with this Herald guy?

TDM: The Herald of The End is one of four creatures somewhat related to us fears. They are known collectively as The Amalgam or The End. Though calling Them The End while correct is also confusing as it is also the title of one of them. The Herald is the first. His job is to destroy all non sentient life and resources. In short he's supposed to make the entire universe like that city. He is shortly followed by The Emissary of The End and The Envoy of The End who's jobs are to destroy sentient life and any one or thing that attempts to defend the universe. After which comes The End itself. By that point it's too late for the universe.

Me: Well geez that's uplifting... So what's this whole thing about the first and second and third etc...

TDM: That's a little difficult to explain. On a most basic level the first mortals to interact with The Amalgam are considered special and threats by The Amalgam. The actual intent of these special people is unknown. None of the Amalgam's previous victims ever actually figured out their usage. We're probably not going to fare much better especially with you being one of them and the other two being dead and currently trapped in The City as stated earlier.

Me: Right. The Fears mentioned earlier that The City was at fault for The Herald being here, how?

TDM: The City brought The Emissary here to protect itself. Unintentionally bringing the attention of The Amalgam to this universe.

Me: Ahh...

TDM: Yes. We think it took the second in an attempt to make up for it but who knows.

Me: So what do you need me to do btw?

TDM: Well we kind of need you to go into the city and locate the second.

Me: Oh... Is that all? Need me to wrestle the slender man or drink a gallon of EAT while I'm at it?

TDM: Stop being an idiot for one second please. I'd already prefer to kill you and every word you say is just making it harder for me to restrain myself.

Me: You're really nice you know that?

At that she put her hand on my forehead and I fell unconscious for three hours.

Saturday, 9 June 2012


Still stuck in bed. Recovery is slow. The Fears are great healers especially The Plague Doctor but it's still taking a while to recover. Apparently I was saved by The Dying Man. Apparently this one goes by the name The Liar but as far as I'm concerned they're all the same body stealing monster so I'm not calling them by any special name. Anyways, she apparently entered the affected area shortly after I did originally with the intention of stopping me but was too late and instead she just brought me back out sustaining me for the trip by temporarily possessing my body. Yeah apparently The Dying Man can actually protect it's hosts. I asked why it keeps letting it's host die then and it's reply was that it can sustain the body unless it suffers injury. Basically it can't regenerate the body from wounds it can merely neutralize illness and poisons. It can also apparently stop it's host from starving, drowning, asphyxiating, dehydrating, sleep deprivation and other threats of a similar nature. I long ago ceased to question the logic these creatures operate under. So the point is I'm still bedridden and nothing of importance has happened. Missing my sister a bit. Wish she was here.

Thursday, 7 June 2012


I should never of woken up again but I did. My entire body was in pain and my arms and legs were so stiff I couldn't move. There was an I.V. going into my arm and I realized I was in a hospital bed. There were three figures standing over me. They were The Plague Doctor, The Slender Man and The Dying Man who had visited my house days or perhaps weeks ago. As they saw I was awake The Plague Doctor and The Slender Man left or at least moved out of view. The Dying Man stayed watching me and bent down laying her elbows on the bed and resting her chin on her hands.

"You're an idiot," she stated simply.

"Thanks I know," I rasped out with some difficulty.

"No you don't know. You have no idea how much of an idiot you are."

"What are you-"

"-Quiet. We told you not to go but no you rushed off, almost got yourself killed and accomplished nothing."

"Nothing? You mean Megan is sti-"

"-Possessed? Yes she is. Also you've now scared The Herald off. Meaning we lost track of him. Now we have no clue what's coming next. The second is dead and the first is lost in The Empty City and now The third is you. A suicidal idiot. You've probably doomed your entire universe. I hope you're happy."

I didn't reply. I fucked up. Big time. That was obvious. I was confused by this third, first and second thing but the face she was giving me told me she was not open to questions.

"You better recover quickly. We have important jobs for you," she said straightening back up.

I nodded and she scowled before leaving me alone.

A day or two later I was strong enough to sit up and they gave me back my laptop so I wrote this to update you all on my status.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Your universe is ending. These are the last days.

I made it. It hurts to type this. I'm dying. My fingers look so thin. Every bit of pressure is a stab of pain through my fingers. There are no mirrors. A small mercy.

I reached the center. I was so hungry and weak. I could see him and an army of the emaciated. They saw me and swarmed forward as fast as they could with their decrepit legs. I fought. Not well. It didn't take much to kill them but I was so weak and there were so many of them. I stopped trying to fight. I felt their arms grabbing me wrenching at me. Their teeth sinking into my flesh. I continued walking. Determination driving me. Heading towards The Herald. He watched me with the most sadistic smile I've ever seen yet he somehow managed to seem genuinely happy at the same time. I reached him. Just a few feet away and then I felt teeth pierce through my left thigh and I fell. I think I screamed but my voice was so dry nothing came out. He spoke then. His voice wavered wildly. Changing in pitch, tempo, speed... Sometimes it didn't even sound like a voice but just like the wind merely making a sound uncannily similar to words. This is what he said. "Your universe is ending. These are the last days. The End is Coming." My eyes closed I was bleeding and hungry and weak and they were eating me alive than he spoke again. "Your sister will die." My eyes snapped open and with a hoarse cry of rage I jumped up at him knocking him to the ground and closing my arms around his throat with all of my remaining strength. It wasn't much but he didn't even try to stop me. He didn't even look worried. The emaciated were still devouring me I was still dying but I was going to bring him with me. His face shifted then into the skull that had appeared momentarily in the video. "You are the third to touch." Then suddenly he disappeared. I tumbled facedown onto the ground and knocked out three of my teeth. At the same moment all the emaciated turned to dust. I propped myself up and now I'm writing this. I'm going to die. I'm bleeding to death as we speak. Even if I wasn't I'm too weak to path back out and I won't survive walking back. I don't know what happened. I hope Megan is free from his control. Regardless I'm writing this for her.

Megan, I love you. I'm sorry for leaving you like this, again. I tried my best and I hope it worked. I just wanted to keep you safe and let you be happy. Everything I've done has been an attempt to protect you. I'm so sorry.

Nathan Jilees (The Muffin Man)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Walks like a reaper through the fields.

I got attacked a few minutes ago. A bunch of emaciated people wandered towards me zombie like and tried to grab me. I punched one in the face and his head exploded into dust. The others kept coming. They were mumbling. They were so hungry. They wanted something to eat and drink. Something like me. I destroyed them easily their bodies nothing much more than dust and psychotic determination. The fight took a lot out of me though. A lot I don't have the luxury to lose. I still have a long way to go.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Into the desolation.

I tried to travel to the affected area using various travel methods but I seemed to be unable to enter the area itself. I came out right on the edge of the area. Here's an interesting fact. The Area is larger now. I don't  know exactly how much larger but it's an insignificant amount and it's still growing I could see it. The grass slowly dying as the effect spread. It was moving very slowly. If I had to guess probably about 1.5 miles an hour. I stepped into the area and immediately felt some kind of unnatural dread come over me. I could feel the blood in my veins freezing and the water in my body boiling. I was tempted to move back out but I needed to get to the center for my sister's sake. I continued going. In hindsight I probably should have checked if I was able to travel back out. It took three days without food or water to get as far as I am at current. I'm still not at the center. From what I remember of the area I'm still something like 50 KM from the center and I have no clue how I'll get back out of here. Hopefully if I kill this "The Herald" the effect will be lifted. Maybe then I'll be able to path out of here. Of course that assumes I make it. I'm already feeling weak. I'm more sturdy than a normal human I should last longer without food or water but this is still taking a toll on me. The effect seems to be sapping my strength directly as well. I don't know if I'll make it but I have to keep going. 50 KM isn't that far right?

Saturday, 26 May 2012


I've been thinking of heading back to the afflicted zone. I have to do something about this. I have to find out more. Whatever The Fears are doing is not working or at least not fast enough and I need to find out how my sister is involved. I was planning to go but then I had a visitor.

A woman arrived at my front door and let herself in without waiting for me to invite her. Of course fears don't generally care about invitations so I wasn't surprised.

The woman walked into the place until she found Megan.

"Ok what are you doing here?" I asked blocking her way as she headed towards Megan.

"Nothing much. Just checking to see what exactly he did."

"What do you mean?"

"Watch and find out."

She then moved me out of the way and went to Megan. "Hello Cold one"

No response. "Hello Megan?"

No response. "Hello Servant of The End?"

"Greetings Dying One." Megan responded.

"Well it would appear that your sister is possessed. Not in the me kind of way but more in the old religious demonic way"

She then got up to leave but I blocked the way. "No you're not leaving until you explain exactly what's going on"

She smiled. "That's so cute. You know you can't stop me from leaving if I want to. However, in response to your obvious distress I'll tell you something that will make you very happy. This is the first of three. We won't act until the others are identified but once they are we're going to destroy them and destroying The Herald should free your sister. So just sit back and let us handle it."

"That's not good enough."

"It's all your getting"

She was right there was no way I could stop her leaving so I was forced to take what I could get. Didn't mean I had to listen. 

I still intend to go to the affected area. I'm going to kill this thing and save my sister... again.

Friday, 25 May 2012

The Herald.

Ok so a very strange and disturbing thing happened today. There was a video somehow released to a local network from inside the affected area. Some guy or woman was filming near the house I was using. People are in the shot they all look incredibly emaciated and likely on the verge of death except one. In the center of a small crowd of humans is the strange man looking perfectly fine. He looks at the camera which really shouldn't be looking and we hear a choked gasp then the camera falls to knee height. It slowly pans up to the man's face and his face appears distorted taking on the appearance of a skull though still with flesh. At that point all the people in the shot start speaking. "We are The Herald. The End is coming. This world shall be scoured for it's arrival. You will not resist. You will accept. We are The Herald. The End is coming." Then the video distorts terribly and everyone goes black and white the people appearing like skeletons and then the video ends.

Of course that's not all. At the same moment they started speaking in the video Megan enters the room and starts speaking at the same time saying the same thing.

I am incredibly confused and worried now.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I've contacted a few of the fears but they are incredibly tightlipped about what's happening. Megan and I are currently in a different city.

So what do I know at current.

That strange man did have something to do with what's happening.

It's not a fear.

It's The Empty Cities fault.

The Fears are dealing with it and I should just leave it alone.

Megan is going crazier.

She's started mumbling things like: "I'm starving to death" "I can't get out" "Mommy why isn't Jeff moving?" and other disturbing things. Oh of course btw everyone in the area we left are dying very few escaped. See it seems that whatever it is affected an area of about 500 km in diameter As well gasoline and electricity don't work so any mode of transport except bikes no longer work. So the majority of people are trapped in this area slowly starving to death with no resources to sustain them. Quite a few have already died. They try to make it out of the area of effect but most don't make it. Attempts to bring resources into the area of effect results in the resources immediately depleting, spoiling, rotting, dehydrating, etc...

This is a very concentrated and sustained effort to end lives in one of the most hideous ways possible.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The famine.

There's no food left in this entire city. Whatever is happening is causing all the food in this city to rot or spoil or whatever else food does. Even if this isn't the herald of something bigger coming we can;t stay here or we'll starve. I'm taking Megan and leaving here now. I think I should probably go talk to some of the fears about this as well.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Like Death...

So today all our fruits, vegetables and meat are rotten and all plants within five meters of our house are dead. I don't know why but I assume that strange man had something to do with it. Megan has also begun to deteriorate again mentally but I don't know whether I can blame the man for that. It had never been expected that she'd get better.

When I say deteriorate I mean she's starting to hallucinate again. Weirdly though she's not stuck in her memories now. Instead she's now talking about what sounds like the empty city. She talks about cities and worlds devoid of any living thing.

Monday, 14 May 2012

A strange visitor.

So Megan is walking around now but she still seems dazed and randomly stares at walls every once in a while. On top of that, something... Well, some one really weird showed up recently. He was just sitting in my living room on the couch next to Megan. He was talking to her but she didn't appear to be listening. I couldn't understand what he was saying. It was in some other language I've never heard before. He looked at me and stood up. He then walked to a wall, turned towards me, smiled a smile full of blood red teeth and walked through the wall. At that point Megan said something about a bad smell and walked out of the living room.

There was a strange mold or something on the couch where the man had been sitting and on the wall he had passed through. Before you say anything it was not Choir. I know what Choir fungus looks like and this is not Choir fungus. I don't know what the man was but he was not anything I've seen before.

I don't think he hurt Megan though so no reason to worry to much.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Megan 2

Second Conversation.

Megan: Brother? What happened?

Me: You were gone for a while but I found you and I rescued you.

Megan: It feels like it's been years since I last saw you.

Me: ... It has.

Megan: ...! How many?

Me: ... Quite a few... It's not important though!

Me: What is important is you're back and you seem to be perfectly fine. (I didn't say the word sane but she does seem sane)

Megan: ... That is true.

Me: I think you should take one more day to sleep and recover and then hopefully you'll be fine enough to get back to normal.

Friday, 11 May 2012


First conversation I've had with my sister in, I don't know something like 13 or more years, and it went like this.

Megan: Brother?

Me: Yes, Megan?

Megan: I'm hungry.

Me: Ok...

Megan: I want pancakes, please.

Me: I'll go make you some pancakes.

... I can't tell if this is a good thing or not?

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Peace at last.

So yeah it seems The Fears are smarter than I thought. A better layout of the plan. Step 1: FB goes to stop the rise and destroy the war aura. Step 2: TMM kills those who would carry on the war despite the war aura's death. Result success. Both sides entering into peace talks.

Step 3: (Optional) If Step 2 fails TWG takes control of key political people and ends war manually.

Step 4: (Optional) If Step 1 fails. Fears prepare for war against TB and ignore the war still brewing. It's no longer a priority.

Step 5 (Optional) If both steps fail... Fears prepare for war, CON desolates the war torn nations. Fear's assume control of planet.

Yeah so good thing we succeeded.

The leader of The Rebellion and The Vice President of The United States are now talking peace. The war should end now and things should go back to normal.

Speaking of back to normal. I think Megan is waking up.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hail to the Chief.

So I just took on The Secret Service. I'll let you guess who won.

Guess yet? That's right me!

Wasn't easy though.

In fact just getting into the white house I got shot at twice. I guess it being war time they double security around the president or something. Or are there normally military snipers on the roof? Anyways managed to make a mad dash to the front doors get inside survive a surprise encounter with 3 heavily armed service agents and made it to a resting spot all without killing anyone. See this time I was told kill the president only. Not sure why but I follow orders. So from that point on I entered into some stealth mission style stuff. Slinking along corridors hiding and listening for footsteps as I made my way to the oval office... Where The President was nowhere to be found... Yeah turns out apparently he had been moved somewhere secret so I had to continue searching and sneaking around the entire building before I eventually found him. Deep deep under the whitehouse and past a long tunnel full of guards. Yeah I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to get through that without killing anyone... So you're probably wondering why I don't just path in to where he is and kill him. Well something or someone was erecting some sort of anti-pathing aura over the entire place. Not sure who. Don't really care. Let the fears worry about that. So anyways my eventual plan was as simple as it wasn't brilliant. I ran. Straight into a hail of gunfire. I just ran straight towards the door at the far end of the hall and hoped to god no one would get any shots that wouldn't be able to heal. Luckily for me of the 6 or so bullets that hit only one hit my torso. Apparently none of them were aiming to kill. They expected me to just go down. I'm tougher than that. I made it into the room and collapsed but I managed to kick the door closed and hold it closed with my foot. Which gave me time to heal most of my wounds. At that point however the president was now pointing a gun at my head. His family was there, cowering in the corner. That made me feel a little guilty about what I had to do. Anyways I stood up slowly raising my hands in surrender. Guy had a gun in my face what else could I do? Once I was fully up however a miracle happened. That aura suddenly disappeared. I don't know what happened but the aura was gone. In fact at this point I was informed the first part of the plan was successful. Oh yeah apparently I was step two of a two step plan with optional steps in case one of or both of the first two steps failed. One of the optional steps was the Convocation essentially turning the entirety of North America into a lightning scorched wasteland so it was very important that the first two steps did not fail. Anyways so I assume whatever step 1 was it was responsible for the aura disappearing. I played along for a bit regardless. The service men had now entered the room and there were all manner of guns now pointed at me. I waited concentrating... And then moved. I appeared behind the president jammed my fist through his back grabbing his heart along the way and thrusting it out the front. He took roughly two to three seconds to die. There was a lot of screaming and shocked voices and then I was gone. I was back on the lawn. I ran off into the darkness and headed back home.

Jobs done.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

only one more target.

So my second to last target is dead. That was not easy. First time I've ever NEEDED to use the most limited power I was given. Now you guys are going to be kind of surprised and disbelieving when I say this but... I have access to what is commonly called The Godsway. Now I'm not really allowed to use it unless I 100% need to. I can normally access most of the normal servant pathways. The Godsway is when I need to get somewhere instantly and with no hassle. Now even if I wanted to I can't describe The Godsway to you so don't expect me to be a source of information on one of the Fears closest secrets. As for why they gave me access... Well with my status I can't be forced to rely on the power of any one fear. Since with their constant inner squabbling there's a chance I might be working contrary to any one of them and if I have to rely on that one's method of travel I'm pretty much screwed. So they gave me the one path that has no restrictions, except those they have imposed on me. So yeah...

Anyways, so I went to my next target. This guy was mafia or something. I don't know exactly but he was in the arms business and apparently he was now the main one responsible for supplying weapons to the Canadian Rebellion Forces. So I was too kill him and everyone else involved then destroy the building. So I entered killed two guards, or guys on cigarette break who the hell knows or cares why they were standing there, with ease and then snuck in. The place was filled with weapons. Now you may have noticed but I don't tend to use weapons. I make people kill themselves with their own weapons on occasion but I never use them myself. That is because I hate weapons. If you can't kill someone with your own body you don't deserve to kill someone. Fears are both an exception and included. Except The Archangel and possibly Smiling Man who both use weapons. Most of the others are weapons or have weapons as body parts.

Anyways so seeing all these weapons I may have actually taken it as a bit of a personal insult to my belief. So instead of my normal plan of sneaking around and picking people off I went up to the fire alarm and pulled it. I then began slaughtering people as they began running out. Of course this didn't last and I was now facing a small army of men who all knew I was there and who mostly had guns. I spent quite a bit of the next few minutes hiding and and ambushing but even that wasn't working very well. Some Servants can use their paths even in the middle of a fight. I envy them. It requires concentration for me to access any path but The Godsway which just requires... Well can't tell you that. So you can see where this is going. I continued ambushing people until I was cornered and then Godsway-ed to the other side of the facility. With that they no longer knew where I was. Some had even seen me disappear. So they were now confused and a few were afraid. It made the clean up much easier. Once that was done I headed to the office of my target. He had undoubtedly heard the gunfire. In fact he was probably gone but I wasn't taking chances. I used a random path to appear behind his desk instead of using the door. Good thing to. The guy hadn't run he was waiting with a gun trained at the door. I grabbed him by the neck from behind and choked him till he died.

So the fears will be annoyed by my use of The Godsway and probably more so since I'm sure I accidentally let some kind of secret slip here without noticing.

Either way though time to blow this place to hell and then go attack The White House.

Monday, 7 May 2012

4 out of 6 targets.

Those were the easy ones. No real defense. Two of them were sleeping. I broke into their homes and tore out their hearts without them ever waking up. The other two were slightly more difficult one even put up a fight. One was up writing a letter or something. I didn't check what it was after I was done. When I entered he was startled and got to his feet and tried to run. I chased him down and eventually caught him. He begged but I had orders. Snapped his neck.

The other one saw me the moment I arrived and A. Had a gun. B. Called guards. That was fun. I am not invulnerable. I had to hide from the gun. It was like Batman. I hid and picked them off slowly one by one until he was all that was left. I showed myself a few times letting him get shots off. Letting him waste ammo. I watched, waited, observed. Once I figured out how many shots he could take before he could reload I made him waste his last few shots and rushed him while he reloaded. I reached him stabbed my hand into his throat and tore out his spinal cord predator style. It was fun.

Last two will be quite a bit more difficult.

Mostly because one is The President of the United States.

This'll be interesting.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Job.

So I'm sure the majority of you know about this war going down. A peaceful protest sparks into a riot. The Police kill some people the people fight back. Riot becomes a slaughter. Then a disease outbreak is met with undue force. (An entire town was razed to the ground and the diseased were killed. People went crazy at this point. Deciding that the government was going crazy and started a revolution. The Government called in help from The United States and now it's becoming a full blown war between Canada and The United States with allied countries talking about stepping in on either side.

Yeah it's a mess. I'm sure the fears are involved somehow but I haven't been paying that much attention with the whole Megan thing and the war hasn't been impacting normal fear business that badly so I've largely ignored it.

Well the new job is to kill certain individuals on either side of the war. Apparently The Fears want this war to end and as fast as possible. They have pinpointed certain important targets who upon their death will severely hurt the war effort on both sides essentially forcing a peaceful solution.

So I'm off to kill some random people. I'm out side the first targets residence at the moment.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

I'm worried.

She still hasn't woken up. I hope they didn't do anything to her. There are so many things that could have gone wrong.

I got a new job. I can use this to calm myself. Just have to kill a few people. Nice relaxing work. Maybe when I get back she'll of woken up.

I can only hope.

Friday, 4 May 2012


So it happened. We attacked. It seems these people were smart. They heeded my warning. We only ran into one or two stubborn doctors who had refused to leave. They were both killed. Not by my hand. We found her room and entered. There she was. She hadn't aged at all. Neither had I. Both of us just as we were the influence of the Fears.

She looked at me and tilted her head. She muttered my name and then turned away and began talking to herself. I nodded to those who had accompanied me. The Nightlander's raced forth. There was no where for The Shadow to run. It's protection was also a dead end. She screamed as The Nightlanders entered her head to drag The Shadow out and I had to stop myself from reacting to her pain. This was necessary.

Soon her screams stopped and she fell. For a few seconds I was worried she was dead but as the Nightlanders left I saw she was still breathing. I brought her back to the house she's sleeping now.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hurt what you love.

So immediately after The bar I became a huge ass. I mocked her about murdering that child I told her my story but immediately after I threatened her and let her get shot. Then I abandoned her. Why? Why would I do this?

Because no matter what happened this was not going to end well for her. It still won't. I figured that with everything else that was going to happen her finding out that her brother had become a horrible monster would be one of the worst things. So I tried to turn her against me. Disconnect us. Even if she found out I wouldn't be her brother anymore. That was the intention mostly. I threatened her honestly like stated it was The Nightlander's orders but I knew it wouldn't work and so did they. So then Archangel territory. I had actually expected the shadow to stop all the bullets. I was not expecting it to show up later. I was also not expecting it to leave her alone after. I had expected it to save her and drag her away somewhere like it had before. I figured I could watch her but stay out of things. Work on the side to lead The Nightlanders to The Shadow and everything would be happy. This did not work. Instead The Shadow brought me with it when it left. Brought me to a random house where we had a bit of conversation. It knew something was wrong. It knew I was working contrary to it's intentions it wanted to know why. So we conversed. Somehow I don't understand how. There was no time distortion or anything as far as I know but Megan arrived during our conversation. The Nightlanders followed her. The Shadow fled leaving me and Megan and yeah everything she said happened minus everything about the palace and stuff. That was all in her head. We were just in a simple house or hotel room or something. I don't remember exactly. Afterwards I was tempted to run away with her. She knew me now she still trusted me. She didn't hate me or anything. Everything I had tried had failed. She still loved me as her brother. I was heavily tempted to take her away and flee with her somewhere. Shortly later we were traveling together when The Shadow appeared. It grabbed her and left with her before I could stop it. I've been searching for her since.

So there you have the full story. As best as I can tell it. Now after searching for so long I have found her. I am going to get her and I'm going to end The Shadow. It won't bring her back. He has undoubtedly rewired her mind but I can keep her safe and maybe I can do something to help her.

I have reinforcements to deal with him.

By the way. To the people who have my sister. I'm sure you're reading this. I will give you one chance. Do not try to move my sister I am watching. Leave her there and all of you get out. I only want her I do not need to kill any of you. However, I will not hesitate if you get in my way.

So last chance leave. Don't be there when I arrive and you will live.

That is all.

The Muffin Man.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Bar Fights

There's nothing really to explain here. Everything happened as she explained it. Someone else covered The Bar itself and the identity of The Doll isn't important. I don't need to go into detail about what happened to the woman in the bathroom. There's really nothing to say here. I just really like remembering it. Damn that was fun. Yeah I do actually enjoy killing. Especially those who deserve it. I mean I enjoy killing anyone and I always try and have fun with it. I try to make murder an art form. I mean that eye looking out of the throat thing was hilarious but I really really enjoy killing some bastard who really deserves it. Yes I only killed one person in the bar and that was a pretty tame kill but that thing with the beer bottles to the eye. That was beautiful even if it didn't kill him. For The Archangel's goons not killing them is worse anyways.

Then again we say that but they probably don't actually enjoy The Archangel's afterlife anymore than the rest of us would. I doubt he really treats them any better.

I remember someone. There was this guy he claimed to of spoken to one of The Archangel's forms. About The Afterlife. Said it felt like being buried deep underground. No sights or sounds just endless pain and pressure and the feeling of suffocation. They also described being taken by The Archangel for use. They said it was like being filled with fire and that their thoughts were just a constant symphony of their own screams.

I don't know if any of that is true. The guy wasn't exactly reliable and he failed to answer a number of questions in regards to the subject. Regardless though I imagine that to be an accurate depiction in general of what it's probably like. Although I imagine it is probably infinitely worse in reality.

Next up: Why was I such an asshole to my own sister?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Snowglobe

I really can't explain this one. I'm pretty sure The Cold Boy was responsible but no clue why. His intentions in this whole event have been ambiguous at best. He helped The Shadow by Turning Megan but then abandoned her and it was assumed he had turned against her and The Shadow> It was assumed that he was working with The Archangel but aside from the possibility of the snowglobe which contradicts that idea he didn't really do anything else. In fact aside from turning her and the snowglobe his entire interaction with Megan is minimal. He's a bit of an Enigma.

Of course she was allowed to leave regardless. So The Snowglobe wasn't really that important either. God that whole event confuses me. I was told to follow her and I watched her accidentally murder a child. I was rather upset especially since later she murdered an entire town. Oh yeah this was interesting. I had no idea what was happening here. I watched her hiding and doing weird activities and then suddenly murder everyone.

I don't know how to reconcile the real world and her delusions but I can say that the place she wandered into was... Well sort of an experiment. This was actually uninvolved but the entire town was invaded by the Choir. I don't know their intents but I assume there was some delusions on the choir side and The Shadow messing with her memories. All I saw though was Her sleeping in gardens, talking to a door and then sleeping in an empty house and finally killing everyone. I'm not ruling out some Choir involvement in my own view of what happened so I guess I can't really explain things. I assume though that any weirdness such as the people existing only when she needed them to was a mixture of choir or The Shadow's delusion.

Monday, 30 April 2012

The Picture

So about that picture. The one I drew in blood. That was meant as a message. See what I actually drew was a picture from our childhood. Drawing with blood is slightly more difficult than drawing with paint so I'm not sure if she actually got what it was supposed to be. Her account says it was something disturbing but I don't know whether that's because she didn't know who I was, she didn't see it properly or The Shadow altered her memory.

To be accurate The Picture was of her sitting on my lap while I was reading to her from my computer. I can kind of see how if the picture was a little off that could seem disturbing. I may also of forgotten to draw myself as I looked then as opposed to drawing myself as I am now...

I guess I fucked up on that one.

Oh and I guess I can explain here. I found her after The Shadow saved her. He left her nearby and I found her and brought her to The Nightlanders hoping they'd give up on her and leave her alone so he would leave her alone and The Archangel would no longer want to kill her. Didn't work.

Also I don't really know for sure but I assume those voices she was hearing were the real life "doctors" somehow slipping into her delusion and not something that she actually heard at the time of these events.

Sunday, 29 April 2012


So this is where stuff gets confusing. Netwerks is a group of self proclaimed fear hunters. A.K.A. a bunch of idiot humans with admittedly impressive connections who have rather limited knowledge of the fears and yet somehow believe that they can kill the unkillable. They consist of a woman (Karin's sister as Megan called her) named Regina. A man named Markus. (Megan wrote his name as Marcus the first time because she only heard it and assumed it was spelled with a C.) Lastly they also have a small group of supposed experts on the fears. Two nerds by the name of Samantha and Sabrina. I used one of them for my painting the other had not shown up to work today. Lucky her. No I do not know which one I killed. Anyways they had somehow found out about the events revolving around my sister and had kidnapped her shortly after her transformation and right out from under the claws of one of the Nightlanders. (The Nightlander Megan met in her room during the fire was not in fact the shadow but an ordinary Nightlander.) They believed somewhat correctly that capturing her would draw out either The Cold Boy, The Archangel or The Nightlanders/Shadow. What they planned to do if one of them showed up I'm not quite sure. They weren't even prepared for me how did they expect to handle one of those three. Speaking of which. I'm sure you're wondering why I acted the way I did. Scaring my own sister like that. Well to be honest I actually didn't recognize her until the third visit. My memory of my life before becoming The Muffin Man is foggy at best when it comes to details so her appearance was already difficult for me to remember and with her looking like one of the Cold Ones it was damn near impossible to recognize her. Also Markus. Why did he look like me? Well after they captured Megan they found out a bit about her background. Markus is essentially they're master of disguise. He was disguised as me in an attempt to get her to cooperate more. I was not happy when I found out they had taken my likeness and so I murdered him. I was even less happy when I realized the girl they captured was Megan. So I killed Regina too. I  may have gotten slightly carried away. My question may have seemed cruel as well but I was actually checking to see whether Megan was still human.

Now The Archangel is a bit more simple. He was allied with The Nightlanders trying to take down The Shadow. Unlike them though he spotted Megan for what she was. A distraction so he decided to kill her. He sent one of his servants to kill her. I admit I didn't recognize him when they passed me and my painting. Luckily The Shadow was able to save her. Oh as for the servant... His words to Megan at the end were rather cryptic. How she knew his name despite never meeting him before. Well she had met him. He was our father. I don't know when he joined The Archangel but he must have lost all his remaining humanity in the deal to of been willing to try and kill Megan like that. I killed him myself a little later.

After that I took a more active stance against The Archangel to protect Megan and for vengeance. He was the one responsible for taking me away from her and turning me into this after all. The fight in the bar later was unbelievably satisfying.

In case you're wondering. The guy in the bar survived but he has no eyes left. I think he is now considered the blind prophet of the local Timberwolves chapter. I should really visit soon and make him The castrated blind prophet.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

As for The Cold Boy.

So how did The Cold Boy fit in to our plans. Well to be honest he didn't. That was all Megan at least at first. See I wasn't aware as stated earlier that The Shadow of Anarchy was hiding out with Megan. So when she started calling out to The Cold boy The Shadow saw an opportunity. She would gain powers that would protect her. It would make her a more effective shield. So he did what he could to make her a servant. Originally he tried to stay out of it but when The Cold Boy was going to kill her he stepped in. He needed her alive to continue working as his shield. As long as she lived his connection to her would distract his enemies. So he made a deal. Even I don't know the exact nature of the deal but it somehow went sour later and The Cold Boy abandoned her. At this point The Nightlanders and The Shadow gave me new orders. One wanted me to protect her the others wanted me to bring her to them. Neither of them told me who she was so it was a surprise when I first saw her at Netwerks. Tomorrow I'll explain about Netwerks and how The Archangel fits into this.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Early Life

So as you know from "Megan's" blog, our parents were both not around. Our mother was in an insane asylum. Not fear related she just turned out to be a psychopath. We didn't really tell Megan what had actually happened. Mother had actually killed two people. A woman and her daughter at the ark near our house. Mother had gone there with Megan one day while these two were there and from the police report apparently Mother grabbed the kid and ran into the forest nearby. The kid's mother chased her and mother came back out shortly after and brought Megan home. The kid and her mother's bodies were found shortly after. The child had been brained against a tree and the mother had been choked to death. They arrested our mother shortly after. After that Dad left. Not to the war like Megan thought. I don't know where she actually got that idea. No Father just left. One day he woke up walked over to the neighbours told them to take care of us and walked off into memory. Well he came back but I'll explain that later. After that our Neighbours accepted us as their own children. Megan called them mean which is sad since they were really nice people. They were just really strict and not used to kids.

Of course you know all about what happened to me. The Angel came after me one day and I made a deal with the other fears to survive but I had to leave. I didn't want Megan to think I had abandoned her as well so I faked my death. Then I went on to become The Muffin Man. I chose the name based on the fact that it was my favourite nursery rhyme as a child. Besides it just seemed hilarious to me to name myself something so innocent while being so horrible.

Now here's the part you don't know. While Megan was living with what she thought was my ghost. I gained quite the reputation. I was hired by The Nightlanders. See you most likely all know about The Nightlanders. They like order. They like to keep things neat and orderly. Well with every species there outliers. there was one that preferred chaos and disorganization. It constantly undermined the efforts of it's fellows and so they decided to destroy it. I was hired by it to protect it and them to track it down. Normally this would seem to be a contradiction but I decided it might be fun to do both. I had never expected or known Megan would get involved.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ok little more explanation.

So yes I broke into some random idiots house killed him and took his blog. Somehow this will save my sister. I understand this seems a little weird. Let me explain. According to most official records I am dead in both my normal human self and my alias as The Muffin Man. I am of course not dead. I have been searching for a while for her location. I am assuming you have seen this: Cold and Lonely Days. Yes "my sister's blog." Moments tricked out of her invaded mind by doctors so they could show them to the world and analyze them. I'm quite pissed about this invasion of her and my privacy but I must give them some credit. I now know where she is. Sadly just bursting in there won't be enough. The humans won't give me much trouble but he is still there. Buried in her mind. I need to prepare and I thought as long as I'm preparing I'll set some of the record straight on that broken account they forced out of her.

So I found a nearby blogger and stole his house and blog for my purposes. He also happened to be a moron which was an added bonus since I got to save all of you from his blathering.

Oh and of course The Slender Man isn't happy I stole his target but whatever he can't really touch me. Why did he even want this guy anyways? Go kill some other wannabe gangster punk. There's not really a deficit of idiots.

Anyways so tomorrow I'll start giving you the whole story. For now though more preparations need my attention.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mal. Guy killed me, Mal.

He broke in while I was writing another stupid trumped up post about my own idiotic ego and my over reliance on weapons. He then proceeded to feed me my own gun and smash my face into the wall until the impact made it fire. It was my own fault for leaving the safety off.

I thought our good friend "Da Dawg" (Real name: Allen Richardson. 22 years old, white and living in the suburbs) would want you to know that. He did actually have a desert eagle. I was actually kind of surprised. I assumed he was lying about all of it. Imagine my surprise when he actually pulled a gun on me earlier. Course his statement that he shot me was grossly inaccurate. He freaked out screamed like a little girl and fired a bunch of shots wildly towards the window about 5 minutes after I disappeared from sight.

Regardless the moron is dead as is his mother who unfortunately got in the way.

Yes he lived with his mother.

Now then Nice to meet you all.

You already know me and you can probably guess what I want.

I am The Muffin Man. I have come for my sister.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fuck yo baked goods!

I just shot a motherfucker today! Some punkass motherfucker peeking in my window! I take aim and bam shoot that motherfucker right between the eyes. Didn't find the corpse when I checked though.

Monday, 23 April 2012

No one fucks wit da Dawg!

Some mofo left a note on my door today!

Do you know The Muffin Man?

He knows you.

That supposed to be a threat? Not scared of your little kiddy shit! Any Muffin Man comes round here I'll shoot the fucker! Shoot Muffin Man and The Suit wearing motherfucker! 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

To The Suit wearing Motherfucker.

I see you out there watching my house! Don't you be getting any ideas you try anything I'l shoot your motherfucking face! I have a fucking Desert Eagle! That's right a Deagle motherfucker! Yeah you scared now huh bitch!? Yeah that's right you don't want to mess with this man!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Heya My Motherfuckers!!

Wazzup! Da Dawg in the hizzouse! Talking to all you peeps out in da internetz. How you bitches doing out there! Yeah you Motherfuckers be cool! I bin seeing this weird dude man. He's all wearing a suit and shit and looks like a god damn Mofo you know!? So I be writing this blog to tell you all about this crazy shit that's been happening!

Check y'all out soon bitches!