Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Indeterminate and deadly.

So we've been traveling for a while and I've taught myself to write while moving. I am writing this as we're walking over grassy hills. They're beautiful except for one aspect. That being the body parts sticking out of the ground at random intervals.

Anyways that's not important. I've been listening to TDM and Harold conversing. Harold seems to keep accidentally calling TDM, May for some reason much to her annoyance. They've been talking almost nostalgically about someone they once knew. A nest who went by the name of The Faceless Bastard. I heard about him a few times but never really payed much attention. I know he was involved in that operation wherein I murdered The President and from what they're saying it sounds like he died during it. That's too bad. One less murderous servile monster on the planet.

Hey... apparently he was the First. I wonder who the Second is...

Oh also I still know little to nothing about Harold but I do know he's a good shot. Some random guy in a mask with a knife came running over a hill about 4 hills away and Harold just pulled a rifle out of his ass* and nailed the guy in the forehead with little to no concern.

*Not literally out of his ass of course but one second it wasn't there and the next it was.

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