Sunday, 10 June 2012

Exposition Exposition!

So I'm almost fully recovered now and I've been talking to The Dying Man more. It seems to hate me now but was still willing to answer questions. So I asked about the Herald. Here's the conversation.

Me: So what's up with this Herald guy?

TDM: The Herald of The End is one of four creatures somewhat related to us fears. They are known collectively as The Amalgam or The End. Though calling Them The End while correct is also confusing as it is also the title of one of them. The Herald is the first. His job is to destroy all non sentient life and resources. In short he's supposed to make the entire universe like that city. He is shortly followed by The Emissary of The End and The Envoy of The End who's jobs are to destroy sentient life and any one or thing that attempts to defend the universe. After which comes The End itself. By that point it's too late for the universe.

Me: Well geez that's uplifting... So what's this whole thing about the first and second and third etc...

TDM: That's a little difficult to explain. On a most basic level the first mortals to interact with The Amalgam are considered special and threats by The Amalgam. The actual intent of these special people is unknown. None of the Amalgam's previous victims ever actually figured out their usage. We're probably not going to fare much better especially with you being one of them and the other two being dead and currently trapped in The City as stated earlier.

Me: Right. The Fears mentioned earlier that The City was at fault for The Herald being here, how?

TDM: The City brought The Emissary here to protect itself. Unintentionally bringing the attention of The Amalgam to this universe.

Me: Ahh...

TDM: Yes. We think it took the second in an attempt to make up for it but who knows.

Me: So what do you need me to do btw?

TDM: Well we kind of need you to go into the city and locate the second.

Me: Oh... Is that all? Need me to wrestle the slender man or drink a gallon of EAT while I'm at it?

TDM: Stop being an idiot for one second please. I'd already prefer to kill you and every word you say is just making it harder for me to restrain myself.

Me: You're really nice you know that?

At that she put her hand on my forehead and I fell unconscious for three hours.

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