Monday, 11 June 2012

The Dying Man just can't catch a break.

So, I was told that preparations were complete and brought to a room. There was a door in the middle of the room and two "people" in the room. One was The Dying Man with a large scowl on her face. The other was a random human or servant who was just glaring at The Dying Man the entire time. We stood silently for a few seconds before The Dying Man sighed and began speaking. Apparently her and this man whom she said is named Harold have been chosen to go with me to make sure that we bring back our target alive. Apparently they chose her because... Actually she has no clue and neither do I. Harold was chosen to join us seemingly just to further piss off The Dying Man. I don't know maybe the other Fears just hate her for some reason. Regardless we headed into the city and immediately found ourselves in a frozen wasteland. Neither TDM or Harold seemed to mind but I immediately found it incredibly cold and so we continued on. We passed through a few other strange areas including what appeared to be an entire cityscape made of jello and are now standing in a normal city. Neither Harold or TDM seemed to require rest and both urge me to keep moving but it wouldn't be fair not to take some time to update all of you on the beginning of our journey. We'll be moving out again in a few seconds or TDM will probably smash my computer. I will probably not be posting as much unless something important happens.

(So hey this is me from the future coming back to assay a little confusion. Events here start to become a little trippy with events involving someone else so gonna have to help you get both sides of the story)
(How the doctor ended up in the city)
(Just keep reading and he'll send you back my way eventually)
(Oh and if you somehow managed to reach this point without checking out his blog gonna want to read the whole thing)
(The Whole Thing)
(Although the first few posts are kind of weird... Just saying)

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